About François Louis, the inventor

François LOUIS, musical instrument maker, was born in Brussels Belgium in 1954. Using the experience he had acquired in the field of fluid mechanics during his five years of motorbike competition mechanic; he modified the original mouthpiece of his saxophone. His teacher, Bernard Loncheval, as well as many Belgian professionals such as Pietro Lacirignola, and later Willy Vandewalle, Steve Houben and others, are interested in the properties of this “souped-up” mouthpiece and ask him to modify their own pieces.

François Louis

It is during the year 1997 that a project for a creation by famous Belgian contemporary music composer Philippe Boesmans for saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol playing on a new FL instrument is imagined. He signs a contract with association “Brussels 2000” for the realisation of the first prototype of his new instrument in July 1999 and has worked on this project until the Paris creation in October 2002.

In 2003 FL realises the modelisation of the Aulochrome with the Designer-Engineer François Decorte. He also develops personal concepts for the design of a new reed for saxophones and clarinets.

photography © Jos Knaepen