Joe Lovano

Monday February 10, 2003

François Louis’ creation of the AULOCHROME, the first polyphonic saxophone, is next offspring in the woodwind family. The AULOCHROME is truly a revelation in the world of musical instrument development and will generate and inspire musicians and composers in the new millennium and beyond. It’s potential to create textures and sounds never before imagined is indescribable with words.
To see and hear this instrument is one thing, but, to hold it and have it come to life with your breath and ideas, is what the magic of the music is all about.

Joe and François

I’ve had the great fortune to see the AULOCHROME develop from its birth and dream of the day I can study and develop with my approach in music its unlimited potential. To play counter-melodies, harmonic voicings, intervallic rhythms, unisons, exploring its overtones and undertones, To sing with Two Voices!!
It’s a beautiful dream that has become reality. Thanks to François LOUIS and his deep passion and genius. BRAVO !!

Musician/ composer,
“Gary Burton” Chair in
Jazz Performance
Berklee College of Music

photography © Paul Louis