Anthony Braxton

Monday March 17, 2003

François Louis is one of the great pioneers of this time cycle. His work with the Aulochrome is a serious breakthrough for acoustic instrumental exploration and research. With this instrument it is clear that a Third Millennial opening has now been created and we can only thank Mr. Louis for his dedicated efforts.

The Aulochrome is the first serious restructural breakthrough in wind instrumental conception and design since the other visionary Belgian master Adolph Sax began his work in the 1840’s – setting up the stage for the modern era. A visionary like Mr. François Louis must be supported because it is important for our people to have hope for the future. The invention of the Aulochrome opens up a fresh universe for creative exploration and discovery.


The dynamic implications of this instrument challenges the popular belief that the limits of acoustic instrumental discovery has now been reached and that only electronic and digital propositions will form the base of human experience (and intrication) for the future. The development of the Aulochrome instrument of Mr. François Louis will play a serious role in the reforming evolution of creative music and creative positive thinking.

photography © Jos Knaepen